Camping on­site = the best option!

For the full Northern Bass festival experience, camping onsite is the only option.

Camping Passes

Grab your mates and get right into the NB experience at our onsite campground! The NB campground has everything you need for your stay on Worsfolds Farm – food stalls, hot showers, a powder room, security and even a bar.

To camp on­site you will need to purchase a Camping Pass as well as your event ticket. Same deal goes for those bringing campervans on­site – you will need ONE Campervan Pass per vehicle, but each person staying in the campervan will need to purchase an individual camping pass.

Camping Passes are exchanged for a camping wrist band when you arrive on site. No camping wrist band = no access to the camp ground.

You can stay for one, two or three nights, depending on the type of Northern Bass ticket you get. So if you want to buy a 2 Day Camping Pass you’ll need the Two Day Northern Bass ticket.


NB 17/18 Campervan and Campervan Plus passes are now sold out.


● Stationwagons, vans, utes and campervans only. No smaller cars (hatchbacks/sedans) are permitted.
● There is no power or water to campervans.
● You MUST take all grey water with you.
● Due to limited space we do not permit additional tents in this area – if you want a tent next to your vehicle, you will need a Campervan PLUS Pass.
● Please email [email protected] prior to booking if your vehicle is longer than 5m.


The campground will open at 11.00am on the 29th for 3 day ticket and 29th day pass holders only.
Those with 2 day tickets or 30th day passes can enter from 9.00am on the 30th December. If you are joining us for just 1 Day – camping for 31st December can enter from 9.00am on the 31st.

The campground will close at 2.00pm 1st January and ALL campers must leave the site, with all their equipment, by this time.

Northern Bass is a licensed premise; so our liquor license means that you won’t be able to bring alcohol into any part of the festival – including the campground and the car park.
Your car, bags and person will be searched and any alcohol will be confiscated.
We have multiple bars on site, including one right by the campground. You are able to take any alcohol bought on site into the campground.

You can bring breakfast and snack foods that do not require cooking, empty or sealed/unopened non­alcoholic drinking containers limited to six per person. There is no limit to the size of these, but please think about the waste created (and that you need to carry them in!).

We have FREE water fill stations on site, consider bringing one bottle that you can refill.

Due to fire risk: no gas cookers or open fires of any type are permitted in the campground or anywhere on the festival site.

Everyone entering the festival will be subject to a full search. Event organisers will have discretion to confiscate/remove any items entering the venue.

As usual, the NB campground features facilities including: flushing toilets, nice hot showers and great food and drink options (plus a camp site convenience store that is open most hours day and night).
There are no pass­outs from Northern Bass. Once you have entered the festival you cannot leave and re-­enter on the same day.

The only exception is for campers staying at the venue for 2 or 3 days. Those with a 2 or 3 day camping passes can leave the venue on 30 and 31 December to visit the local area/beach etc.

You must be out of the venue before 12pm. You will be checked on your return for intoxication and will not be able to enter the venue if intoxicated.

You will also be subject to a full search when re­entering the Northern Bass site.

Please note that on site parking is at a premium. So while we do our best to place campers in the closest spots, it is possible that if you leave you might have to then park at our off site carpark on your return.

Campervans will not be permitted to re­enter the venue if they leave.

We will assist you where we can, but you will need to carry your gear from the carpark to your campsite – so travel light! Please DO NOT bring tent mallets/hammers. These WILL be confiscated. We have a number of mallets on site that you can use instead.We do our best to keep the toilets as clean as possible – PLEASE do let someone know if there are any issues.