Burnzy has been turning heads both here and abroad since bursting onto the scene in 2019. Fast track to today and he’s slowly become one of the hottest prospects to come out of NZ drum and bass in 2020.

Praised widely for his dark and gritty tunes, Burnzy is constantly pushing his music to heightened levels every year. Burnzy has signed music to a number of labels in 2020 – including ‘Audio Addict’ and ‘Four Corners’ along with many others awaiting announcement.

His music transcends across borders, having collaborated with UK artists such as Disrupta, J Select & Joely to name a few. Burnzy is being played across the globe, featuring multiple times in different sets on Bloc2Bloc Radio. Now gaining the local recognition he deserves, Burnzy is booked to play all around the country this summer including two of New Zealand’s biggest music festivals. From his sets you can expect fast paced mixing, high energy, big rig tunes and a lot of middle fingers. With releases locked in and ready, Burnzy won’t be stopping anytime soon.