Smoking blunts, drinking dark liquor from a mason jar and with a fur coat draped over a pair of togs – something a bit more lush than you’d wear to water aerobics – in her video for Shade, IAMDDB is letting you know she’s got poise and she’s got posture.

Born Diana Debrito, the 21-year-old from Manchester – via Portugal and Angola – makes silky, smooth hip-hop music, and using elements of trip-hop, jazz, neo-soul, trap music and Jill Scott lilts to create what she calls urban jazz. We want her as our own VBF, just so we can absorb some of her laid-back style.

She’s been making, producing and writing music seriously since 2015, but in 2016 she uploaded JAZB to her Soundcloud, a Flying Lotus-inspired beat that she added vocals to, and started turning heads. Like FlyLo, she cuts and splices beats, layering her own voice to make rich and textured songs that take on issues like love, youth, femininity and how to live your best life. Key lessons from a VBF.

Her Soundcloud features dozens of collaborations with other producers (Leaned Out with INKA is a particularly tasty slice) and her trilogy of EPs, Waeveybby Volume 1, Vibe Volume 2 and Hoodrich Volume 3 are a guide to leading a very chilled out but determined life.