Raiza Biza

Making waves from his hometown, Hamilton, New Zealand and maintaining a relatively low key lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle, Rwandan-Kiwi rapper Raiza Biza has hustled a name for himself; built on relentless hard work, passion and perseverance. Building from the ground up, he has generated a worldwide following that has supported over five albums, and collaborations with Melodownz, Illbaz, Estere, The Adults, Black Milk, Remi, and countless other talents. Raiza has become a stable fixture in the underground hip-hop community of Aotearoa, which has seen him travel the world as an independent artist, bringing a piece of his home and experience to the far outside corners of the globe. With a passion for community and collective knowledge, his socially conscious rap style adds to the conversations of modern life as well as uplift and shape the party.