From finding out about Drum & Bass music via the late night broadcasts on Toronto’s College Radio stations (88.1FM & 89.5FM) while growing up, René has travelled worlds away from where he started. Flash forward a decade or so, René’s own productions are now hailed round the world as some of the genre’s most iconic and innovative records in electronic dance music. He’s flown worldwide, performing shows and cultivating the sound of D&B as a true tastemaker and leader in the genre. Following in the footsteps of legendary former hosts, René is now the Drum & Bass representative on Radio 1 & 1Xtra, the world’s biggest platform.

As a producer, René LaVice is known for combining different styles and influences. Nowhere could this be more evident than in his first breakthrough track Headlock, which took the scene by storm. Since then, René’s made a string of definitive originals and remixes such as ‘The Calling’ ft. Ivy Mairi, (A-Listed on Radio 1, Billboard Top 40 Dance), ‘Bang Bang’ – a killer remix of Dj Fresh, Diplo and Craig David, and an earth shaking remix of ‘Rebel Radio’ by The Prodigy.

Having performed shows at major festivals such as Glastonbury and Let it Roll and world class venues like Brixton Academy, Fabric, and Alexandra Palace, René has evolved into one of the most exciting headlining acts in dance music.

René has won several awards in various categories such as the ‘People’s Choice Award,’ ‘Best Alternative Artist,’ and most recently he won both ‘Best Radio Show’ & ‘Best International Artist’ in 2020.

On top of all of this, René has also launched his own label, Device which has had an incredible year of unprecedented growth in spite of being launched in 2020 (“the worst year ever”). In the first 12 months, Device has seen 16 releases from high profile acts such as S.P.Y, Danny Byrd, Stanton Warriors, & René LaVice himself, as well as newer producers who are having an impact on the scene in conjunction with Device. Steadily amassing a dedicated fanbase of its’ own, it’s clear at this point that the only direction is up for Device, as the label prepares for its most successful year to date. Go Rene!