After 10 plus years of serving his time behind the bars of Auckland’s night life hotspots, Reubix slipped out from behind the bar and in front of the decks in 2011 to support Optive & BTK for Drop Bass NZ and hasn’t looked back since. Having a hand in the local music scene in NZ for well over a decade Reubix has refined his sound to be a very recognisable deep and dark half time influenced flavor that has hit a note with audiences time and time again, seeing him take support bookings for international DJs such as Andy C, Alix Perez, Skeptical, Snake & Wolf, DRS, Enei, Artificial Intelligence and Ivy Lab to name but a few. He has recently been making a name for himself across the ditch in amongst the Melbourne DnB scene, playing at the aptly named Rubix Warehouse club night “Free Dope” and Friends of Ours Music Festival. Reubix can also be found on the air-waves in his monthly slot “Reubix Tunes” on Chiccoreli’s radio show “Liquid Low Down” on Base FM 107.3.

While he is a DJ in some forms he is also well known for his work as the Operations Manager for Northern Bass and for the first time since the events inception in 2011 he will step out on to the stage and share his sound with the crowd he has passionately worked towards developing from an event point of view.