Puncturing boundaries along an unapologetic path of introspective production and heavyweight composition, New Zealand-born Trei has remained synonymous with consistency. Through a vast expedition designed by pushing the envelopes of drum and bass and carefully carving his name into the halls of the very genre itself, Trevor Linnell has been a foundational asset to dance music for over 13 years – and believe us when we say he’s just getting started.
From an early age, Trei was heavily-influenced by the unadulterated raw characteristics expressed by the genres of Rock, Metal, and Grunge. Inspired by the organically rebellious tone of the heavy metal world, young Trevor was wildly motivated to put forth his own representation and self-expression into a new avenue of creative execution. Before long, he’d be exposed to the tightly-knit, yet vast spectrum of drum and bass producers and pioneers such as Ed Rush & Optical, Konflict, and Bad Company. This intravenous wave of motivation would soon lead him directly onto the unbridled warpath he is known internationally for, today.
Time and time again, his versatility and ability to interject his signature style into his every tune shines through a canon of releases including individual heavyweight classics such as “Seeds”, “Rebels” with Tali, Empires, and many more. Championing collaborations with high- profile artists such as The Upbeats, Futurebound, State Of Mind, and Concord Dawn, this maverick of a producer/ DJ has showcased his nonconformist discography to anxious listeners all around the world. Successfully embarking on over 25 European tours spanning across 22 countries to date, stating that Trei’s eccentric approach to songwriting and his insatiable ability to galvanize a live setting is impressive would be an understatement. Now, his energetic sets have seen stages at world class festivals such as Rampage, Let It Roll, Mainframe, Fusion Festival, Rhythm & Alps, and so many more. With international untethered support from legendary acts such as Andy C, Friction, and Pendulum, it’s safe to say his career’s achievements have transcended expectations.
In an ever-changing world restricted by a lack of originality and regurgitated content Trei, although achieving widespread recognition from the very beginning, has shown absolutely zero signs of stagnation. In fact, his career has been the antithesis of that. Expect a highly- anticipated flurry of technical productions paralleled by an unforgivably-unique performance setting from this creative mind. His next chapter, has only just begun.

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